How to Remove a Door Panel on a Toyota Tundra

by Jenny Carver

Toyota Tundra door panels need to be removed to access the door panel lights or speakers behind the door panel, or to add a security system, keyless entry or a replacement window. Body shops or electronic installers charge extra for labor to remove the door panels, but you can remove the door panels from your Toyota Tundra yourself by following a few relatively simple steps.

Step 1

Remove the felt piece and small screw from inside the door handle, using a screwdriver.

Step 2

Pull the door handle and remove the plastic cover and small screw behind it, using a screwdriver.

Step 3

Pull carefully on the electric window button housing. Pry up on each side until it pops out. Disconnect the two sets of wires by pulling the white plastic connectors out.

Step 4

Pry the triangle-shaped plastic cover at the top of the door panel that covers the bolts for the outside mirror. Just below this area there is a screw on the door panel that needs to be removed. The screw must be pushed in near the center and then it will pop out.

Step 5

Move to the bottom of the door and begin to pull the panel out toward you. There are plastic clips holding the door panel in place around the outside edges of the panel. Pull until you hear these clips popping out. Lift the door up to get the lip off the top edge of the door. Do not let the panel go since it is still connected in other places.

Step 6

Disconnect the wiring for the light inside the door. Reach between the door panel and the door to disconnect the wiring connectors. Reach down and unhook the door cables. Pull the green and white plastic pieces out (they simply pop out when you pull on them) and then lift out the silver ball attached to the white plastic piece.

Step 7

Pull the entire door panel away from the door.

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