How to Remove a Chevy S10 Grille

by Eli Laurens
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The Chevrolet S-10 truck (and variants) has a one-piece plastic grille that can be easily removed by the average backyard mechanic in about seven minutes.

Step 1

Raise the hood and remove the four bolts that hold the top of the grille in place. They are on the top section of the grille plastic, where it connects to the top of the engine compartment.

Step 2

Gently pull the grille in the center front "bowtie" area to pop loose the four clips embedded into the grille mount assembly. Once these are loosened, the outer clips can be pulled loose one end at a time.

Step 3

Disconnect the turn signal lamps at the bulbs by twisting them counterclockwise. The bulbs will come out of the yellow signals and remain connected to the wires.

Step 4

Remove the grille. With the turn signal bulbs free, the entire grille will come out towards the front of the truck.

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