How to Remove the Front Bumper From a 2003 Chevy 1500

by Matt Scheer

The Chevrolet 1500 is a series of Suburban sport utility vehicles. The 1500 series weighs half a ton, as opposed to the 2500 series, which weighs three-quarters of a ton. The 2003 model 1500 got an improved interior with better-quality furnishings. Known for size and safety, the Chevrolet 1500 series Suburban's bumper is designed to minimize the damage from a car collision. The bumper can be damaged from a collision with a car or another object, but, fortunately, removing it is a straightforward process. The large size is the main difficulty: the bumper is 79 inches across. So long as you have a friend help you move the bumper and have the right tools to get it off the Suburban, you can remove your bumper in less than an hour.


Step 1

Turn off the truck and pop the hood.

Step 2

Detach the front grille above the bumper by popping off the three clips retaining the grille to the vehicle. Two clips are on either end of the grille and one is in the center. Pop off the clips by pressing them in with the head of the flat-head screwdriver and pulling.

Step 3

Unscrew the three screws on top of the bumper previously covered by the grille using the Phillips-head screwdriver. Remove two screws on either end of the top part of the bumper and the last one in the center.

Step 4

Kneel to the ground in front of the bumper on the passenger's side and unscrew the hidden screw that sticks out vertically. Do the same on the driver's side.

Step 5

Kneel next to the passenger's side wheel and unscrew the three screws in the wheel well. These screws are in front of the wheel and attach the bumper to the chassis. Repeat this process for the driver's side wheel well.

Step 6

Pull the bumper straight off the vehicle and place it gently on a blanket so that it does not get scratched.

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