How to Remove the Back Seat From an Acura TL

by Richard Ristow
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You may need to remove an Acura TL's seats if you are customizing them, reupholstering them or having them cleaned, or if you plan on replacing them in total. Maybe they're in the way of another task. Whatever the purpose, removing an Acura TL's rear seat requires mostly removing some bolts. Given how bulky and cumbersome seats can be sometimes, it might appear to be more of a big production than it actually is. Just have a socket set handy and you're set.

Step 1

Move the Acura TL's two front seats forward. This is not a required step, but it will give you a little extra room to maneuver.

Step 2

Locate the seat cushion bolt and remove it with a socket wrench. This bolt should be on the right end of the cushion. You will have to pull open the crevice between the cushion and the seat back to see it.

Step 3

Release two latches beneath the seat cushion. You will need to pull the release hatches forward to disengage them from their retaining hooks.

Step 4

Remove the seat cushion.

Step 5

Remove five bolts with a socket wrench. Three of these bolts will be at the bottom of the seat back. The other two are below the headrest, and you will have to go through folds in the upholstery to get at them.

Carefully pull the seat back forward and out one of the Acura's passenger doors.

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