How to Program a Toyota Tundra Keyless Remote

by Robert Kohnke
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The Toyota Tundra is a full-size pickup truck that was introduced in the year 2000. An optional keyless entry system is available on the Tundra. It requires the installation of a new lock kit and the programming of keyless entry remotes to operate with that specific lock system. Programming one of the keyless entry remotes requires you to follow a specific set of steps that is given in the keyless entry instruction manual.

Step 1

Insert the key in the ignition with the truck off. Unlock and open the driver's door and close all other doors.

Step 2

Insert the key in the ignition and then pull the key out. Perform this operation twice within five seconds and do not turn the key in the ignition.

Step 3

Close and open the driver's door twice, and then insert the key in the ignition without turning it and remove it. These operations must be performed within 40 seconds.

Step 4

Close and then open the driver's door twice. Insert the key in the ignition and leave it there. Close the driver's door. Turn the ignition to "ON" and then back to "OFF" and remove the key from the ignition. You must complete these operations within 40 seconds. If you have done everything correctly, within three seconds, the door locks should lock then unlock automatically; if not, start again at Step 1.

Step 5

Press the lock and unlock buttons on the new remote simultaneously for 1-1/2 seconds. Release the buttons and immediately press and hold the lock button for two seconds. Within three seconds, the locks should cycle once to show that it the procedure was successful. If they cycle twice, repeat this Step again. Once successful, repeat this Step for any other remotes you want to program.

Step 6

Open the driver's door to exit the programming mode.

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