How to Remove the Seat of a 1995 Yamaha 1100 Virago

by Chris Gilliland

Removing the seat from your 1995 Yamaha Virago 1100 is an important step in the bike's regular maintenance. The motorcycle's electrical components and the gas tank's fasteners are all held beneath the seat, making it absolutely necessary to remove the seat before work can be done elsewhere. Removal is a quick and easy affair, as the front of the seat is bolted directly to the frame. The seat's rear end, however, is attached to the motorcycle's frame with a plastic tab under the seat. Once unbolted, the seat is removable with little hassle.

Pull up the cushion at the front of the seat to access the bolts on both sides of the seat pan.

Unscrew both bolts from the seat pan with a 4-mm Allen wrench. Lift the front of the seat off of the frame rail.

Pull the entire seat towards the gas tank to pull the tab under the seat out of the slot near the rear fender.

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