How to Realign a Car's Power Window

by John Johnston
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If the window in your vehicle goes out of alignment it can cause the power window function to no longer work correctly. The most likely cause of the problem is the window not being correctly secured to the window regulator. If you cannot securely close your window it can put your vehicle at risk of being stolen. To solve this problem you need to disconnect the window from the regulator and reattach it correctly.

Step 1

Open up the door which contains the window which will not work correctly. Use a flat head screwdriver to pry open the automatic window control box, which is in between the two front seats.

Step 2

Unhook the electrical connector inside the control box with your hand to prevent power going to the window regulator. Remove the mounting screws on the inner door panel of the door using a phillips-head screwdriver.

Step 3

Remove the door panel from the door. Locate the screws attached to the door handle trim. Pull the trim and the door handle away from the door. Unhook the two linkage arms from inside the door with your hands and remove them from the door. This will give you better access to the window regulator.

Step 4

Lower the window regulator to its lowest possible position within the door access panel. Use a hex wrench to remove the hex bolts which connect the window to the regulator. Lift the window away from the regulator.

Step 5

Align the window with the regulator correctly so that the holes of the regulator line up perfectly with those on the window. Fix them in place by reattaching the hex bolts. Reconnect the rest of the door assembly by following the removal steps in reverse.

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