How to Put Brake Fluid in a Dodge Caravan

by Jody L. Campbell

If you've replaced any brake components in your Dodge Caravan and want to top off the master cylinder with brake fluid, you will notice that its location is a bit peculiar. Mounted to the fire wall as most master cylinders in other vehicles are, the cowling of the Caravan covers the fill tube. Even trying to determine the amount of fluid in the master cylinder is more complicated than in other vehicles.

Step 1

Locate the master cylinder mounted on the driver's side firewall.

Step 2

Remove the cap of the master cylinder. Some older Caravans may have dual caps for a front and rear chamber in the master cylinder.

Step 3

Place the end of the flexible pour tube of the funnel into the fill spout of the master cylinder. Be sure you have not used the funnel for any petroleum based products such as oil or antifreeze, as even the slightest amount can contaminate a brake fluid system. Use this funnel for brake fluid fills only.

Step 4

Pour a little brake fluid at a time and check the full mark on the side near the top base of the master cylinder. Use a flashlight and shine it onto the side of the master cylinder to illuminate the fluid level. The dual chamber master cylinder of the older Caravans have a black housing base, so the flashlight will not work in this manner; however, they're much easier to fill without the use of a funnel and the flashlight can be used by looking into each individual chamber for proper fullness.

Step 5

Do not overfill the master cylinder. Putting the right amount of brake fluid into the master cylinder of a Dodge Caravan is complicated enough, but extracting fluid from an overfilled master cylinder is not going to be easy without a syringe with a flexible hose. Master cylinders in every vehicle, including the Dodge Caravan, have a full line which should be adhered to and allow a spaced air pocket between the fill line and the master cylinder fill cap.

Step 6

Replace the master cylinder cap securely when finished.

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