2000 Nissan Frontier Fluid Specifications

by John Walker
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Known as the Frontier in America, and about a dozen other names in other markets, the Frontier was a kind of return to its roots for Nissan. Almost since its introduction on these shores, Nissan and Datsun had really made their names producing sporty machines for the street, and world-beating budget supercars like the Skyline GT-R. But Nissan's milieu had always been tough, reliable trucks; granted, a few decades experience building some of the best sports cars in history doesn't seem to have hurt Nissan's penchant for forging pretty amazing little pickups.

Oil and Transmission

Both engines call for SAE 5w30 engine oil. The 3.3-liter fills at 3.5 quarts with a filter change. The 2.4-liter with two-wheel drive fills at 3.7 quarts and with four-wheel drive fills at 4.2 quarts. The transmissions in both use synthetic multi-vehicle automatic transmission fluids (ATF) for the automatic transmissions and synthetic manual transmission 75w90 oil for the manual transmissions.

Differential and Transfer Case

Both vehicles use a SAE 75w90 gear oil in the front and rear differentials. The transfer cases call for the same multi-vehicle ATF used in the transmission. Fill levels for the three boxes vary based on engine size and specific type of differential. However, they all use fill plugs for measuring fluid. The fluid should be flush with the base of the hole for the fill plug on each of the boxes. Fill as necessary when you cannot insert a small tool into the fill hole and pull it out with liquid on the tip.

Hydraulic Systems

The Frontier power-steering system uses the same oil as the transmission (synthetic multi-vehicle ATF). The brake and clutch hydraulic systems use DOT-3 brake fluid. Each system uses a separate reservoir marked with full lines to ensure proper levels are maintained. Always check the reservoirs with each oil change, and fill as needed.


Any ethylene glycol coolant comparable to or used in place of GM DEX-COOL will work in the Frontier; a 50-50 mix is generally best, but you can go as low as 30-70 antifreeze to purified water if need be. Fluid capacities varied according to the engine, drivetrain and whether or not the vehicle came with a towing package; expect anywhere between 2.5 and 4.5 gallons of total system capacity.

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