The Types of Oil for a 2001 Ford Ranger

by John Walker
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Ford produced the 2001 Ranger with four engine options: a 2.3 L four-cylinder, a 2.5 L four-cylinder, a 3.0 L six-cylinder and a 4.0 L six-cylinder engine. Parts and accessories for the engines are largely interchangeable, but fluid levels and types do fluctuate. Using the proper fluids will ensure your engine is operating at optimal performance.

Oil Weight and Amounts

All of the engines use SAE 5w30 engine oil except the 2.3 L, which uses SAE 5w20. The 2.3 L is full at 4.1 qts. of oil. The 2.5 L and 3.0 L fill up at 4.6 qts., and the 4.0 L fills at 5 qts. All capacities include adding a new filter. Older model engines benefit from a high-mileage or synthetic oil in addition to oil additives formulated for repairing and reconditioning engine oil seals.

Filter and Torque

The 4.0 L calls for a WIX 51515 oil filter, while the other sizes use a WIX 51516 Oil Filter. Extended-performance or high-mileage filters help to keep the oil clean for older engines or heavily-used vehicles. Engine oil drain plugs on all the vehicles torque at between 15 and 25 foot-pounds. Always check the condition of the drain plug and gasket before reinstalling. Replace the part if you notice any signs of wear-and-tear or damage.

Other Fluids

Ford calls for synthetic multi-vehicle automatic transmission fluid in all manual and automatic transmissions. The transfer case for vehicles equipped with four-wheel drive use the same ATF as the transmissions. Rear and front differentials call for SAE 80w90 gear oil. Use standard power steering fluid in the power steering reservoir and DOT-3 brake fluid in the brake and clutch reservoirs.

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