Lincoln Navigator Coolant Type

by Heather Potter

The Lincoln Navigator is an SUV made by Ford. The Navigator Owner's Manual advises owners to regularly check coolant levels and maintain proper coolant levels to avoid engine damage.

Proper Coolant Maintenance

The Navigator's coolant should be kept at a ratio of 50 percent coolant and 50 percent distilled water. The ratio must not fall below 40 percent coolant. This ratio protects the engine from freezing at temperatures as low as -34 degrees Fahrenheit and from overheating at temperatures as high as 265 degrees Fahrenheit. It also helps maintain gauges and protects the engine from corrosion and rust.

Changing Coolant

Ford advises owners to receive scheduled maintenance at regular intervals. At six months or 105,000 miles, the coolant should be changed for the first time. After the first change, Ford recommends changing the coolant every three years or 45,000 miles.

Coolant Brand

According to the owner's manual, Ford suggests Navigator owners use Motorcraft Specialty Orange Engine Coolant with Bittering Agent. Canadian owners should use Motorcraft Specialty Orange Engine Coolant.

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