The Specifications for Motorcraft Premium Gold Engine Coolant

by Talia Kennedy
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The American automobile manufacturer Ford uses Motorcraft brand engine coolant in its vehicles and recommends the brand to its customers. Ford cautions against using other engine coolants, even "universal" coolants, in Ford vehicles and warns that other coolants could cause engine damage. Consider this information against Ford's vested financial interest in selling its in-house brand. Check your coolant levels in your car at least every six months or as often as your owner's manual specifies.

Color and Taste

Motorcraft Premium Gold Engine Coolant is yellow in color, which distinguishes it from Motorcraft's other coolants, which include a green "premium" coolant and an orange "specialty" coolant. A bittering agent has been added to the coolant so that you may identify it as a nonedible substance if you accidentally ingest it. Ford began adding the bittering agent to its coolant in the U.S. in response to laws that require it to be added to prevent poisoning and death in people who mistake the liquid for a beverage.


This coolant is a pre-diluted solution of 50 percent coolant and 50 percent distilled water, so you don't have to top it off with water when you add it to your engine's coolant reservoir. The coolant is ethylene glycol-based and may be used in gasoline and diesel engines.


Coolant circulates through your vehicle's engine to keep it from overheating in hot conditions and acts as an antifreeze agent to prevent your engine from freezing in cold conditions. Motorcraft Premium Gold Engine Coolant protects your engine in temperatures as low as minus-34 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 265 degrees Fahrenheit.

Coolant Types

Ford recommends that you use the same Motorcraft coolant with which your vehicle was equipped when it was manufactured. If your vehicle came with one of Motorcraft's other coolants, do not use the Premium Gold coolant. You should use Premium Gold coolant only if your vehicle was originally equipped with it.

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