Hyundai Elantra Oil Requirements

by Justin Cupler
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The Hyundai Elantra began its life in 1992 as a bargain-basement sedan with no frills, an underpowered engine and serious quality issues. After more than two decades on the market, the Elantra has become a respectable sedan with a price that remains below average. For 2014, the Elantra has two engines available -- 1.8-liter and 2.0-liter -- and they share the same oil specifications.

Oil Recommendations

Hyundai recommends using 5W-20 or 5W-30 engine oil in the 2014 Hyundai Elantra in all temperatures, but you can opt for 10W-30 oil if the temperature will not fall below 0 degrees F before your next scheduled oil change. You can use regular or synthetic oil in the your Elantra without any change in viscosity. The Elantra's engine requires 4.2 quarts of oil to refill it.

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