How to Check the Transmission Fluid in a Prius

by Johnathan Cronk
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The automatic transmission fluid in the Toyota Prius is an important aspect in keeping the vehicle's transmission running smoothly. The transmission fluid is responsible for lubricating the gears and components within the transmission so that it does not seize up or become damaged. Low transmission fluid can cause major damage to the transmission and surrounding components. It’s important to check the transmission fluid regularly to ensure the vehicle runs properly and efficiently.

Step 1

Drive the Toyota Prius for a few minutes, long enough to ensure the transmission fluid reaches operating temperature. This will ensure proper measurements of fluid. Place the Prius in “Park” on a level surface.

Step 2

Open the hood of the Prius by pulling the hood release lever within the vehicle. Locate the automatic transmission fluid reservoir and dipstick; look on the passenger side of the vehicle for a red dipstick labeled “ATF.”

Step 3

Pull the dipstick out of the reservoir and wipe it with a clean rag. Place the dipstick back into the Prius reservoir; make sure the dipstick is fully seated into the reservoir for the most accurate reading. Pull the dipstick out once more. Read the measurement of fluid on the dipstick. The fluid should read between the “Full” and “Add” lines on the dipstick. If the fluid is below the “Add” line, add transmission fluid immediately.

Step 4

Place a funnel into the reservoir neck and pour the appropriate amount of Toyota WS automatic transmission fluid into the funnel and reservoir. Recheck the levels again; repeat this process until the ATF reads between the “Add” and “Full” lines.

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