How to Check Transmission Fluid in a 2002 Saturn Vue

by Johnathan Cronk
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Transmission fluid is essential to your 2002 Saturn Vue’s performance, as it keeps the Vue's transmission running smoothly and provides adequate lubrication for the transmission gears and components. Checking the transmission fluid in your Vue is a simple task anyone can do in his or her own driveway (if, that is, it's a level driveway). It’s important to check the Vue's automatic transmission fluid, commonly referred to as the ATF, anytime you check your Vue's motor oil.

Step 1

Be sure to drive your Vue for several minutes--you should always check your transmission fluid at operating temperature--before you check the transmission fluid level. This is ideal for getting the right measurement on the fluid.

Step 2

Open the hood of the vehicle and locate the dipstick labeled “ATF." The dipstick is colored red and located on the driver side of the vehicle, this makes it easily distinguishable from the motor oil dipstick.

Step 3

Pull the dipstick out of the filler neck and wipe it clean with a rag. Reinsert the dipstick, ensuring it seats fully in the filler neck with the dipstick cap seated fully on the mouth of the filler neck. Remove the dipstick once more. Read the ATF measurement on the dipstick. You will notice two lines, “full” and “add.” The reddish transmission fluid should be between these two lines (some dipsticks might have two holes instead of lines).

Step 4

Pour the recommended type of transmission fluid into the filler neck, using a funnel, if necessary, and check the level again. Repeat until the fluid level is in the acceptable range.

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