The Props on My Truck Cap Won't Hold the Window Open

by Jason Unrau
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If the window on your truck cap will no longer stay up on its own when opened, you need to replace your window's lift props. The lift props provide the upward support to hold the glass open when it is in use as well as the necessary tension to make closing the glass effortless. It is a relatively inexpensive repair and is simple enough that even a beginner can change the props. Replace the lift props with the same size and strength props as indicated on the cylinder.

Step 1

Lift the truck cap window and support it in the fully opened position. Use your helper to hold the window open, or an extendable screw jack works well in the event you are alone.

Step 2

Locate the spring clip on the top end of the prop where it clips to the ball mount on the glass. Insert the tip of the small, flat screwdriver into the slot under the spring clip and pry the clip directly outward until you have removed it.

Step 3

Pull the attaching end of the prop sharply away from the ball mount. The prop end will pop off the ball mount. Remove the bottom prop mount in the same way you did for the top mount. The prop will now be removed from the truck cap.

Step 4

Position the new window prop with the cylinder at the top and the rod pointing down. This will keep the rod lubricated and extend the life of the prop.

Step 5

Snap the top support end in place by firmly and sharply pressing it onto the ball mount on the glass. Install the bottom mount in the same way.

Step 6

Relieve your helper from supporting the window, or lower the screw jack and remove it. Confirm that the window opens and closes freely and stays up on its own.

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