How to Remove the Rear Panel on a CR-V

by Robert Moore

The liftgate trim panel on your 2012 Honda CR-V comprises four different pieces: an upper panel, lower panel and two side panels. There is only one screw to remove during the whole procedure.


Step 1

Open the liftgate. Locate the notches in each end up the upper trim panel. Slide a small, flat-head screwdriver into each notch and gently pry outward to disengage the retaining hooks. Pull the upper trim panel off the liftgate.

Step 2

Pull outward on each side trim panel to release the two clips. Release the hooks that secure the side trim panels to the lower trim panel, and remove the panels.

Step 3

Remove the screw from the pull handle in the lower trim panel, using a Phillips screwdriver. Remove the pull handle cup.

Step 4

Support the lower trim panel by hand near the glass. Pull outward on the edges of the lower panel to release the clips. Pull out on the bottom of the trim panel, right in the middle, to release the bottom retainers. Lower the trim panel from the liftgate.


Step 1

Hold the lower trim panel up to the liftgate. Align the two bottom retainers with the two bottom holes in the liftgate, then push the trim panel forward to engage them. Tap around the edges of the trim panel until it sits flush with the door.

Step 2

Install the pull cup into the lower trim panel, then snug the screw. Guide the hooks on the lower end of the side trim panels into the holes on the lower trim panel. Align the retainers on the side trim panels with the holes in the liftgate, then press the panels into position.

Step 3

Lift the upper trim panel to the liftgate. Align the hooks and retainers on the panel with the holes in the lift gate and the side trim panels. Tap from one end of the panel to the other until the panel sits flush with the liftgate and side trim panels.

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