How to Program a Keyless Subaru Forester

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Subaru recommends bringing your Forester into a Subaru dealer to have a new remote programmed. This is due to the complexity of the remote-programming procedure. However, you are free to try the procedure yourself. As long as you follow the process precisely, you'll be able to synchronize the Subaru's remote. You can program up to four remotes to your Subaru Forester. Simply repeat the entire procedure for each remote.

Step 1

Open your keyless remote package. Look inside the package to find the slip with the identification code on it. This is an eight-digit code that you'll need to program the Forester's remote. If you don't have a package, gently pry the remote open with a screwdriver. You'll find the code inside. Write this code down and double-check it for accuracy.

Step 2

Sit inside your Subaru Forester. Close the door and have your remote handy. Open and close the driver side door one time, and then place the key in the ignition. Turn the key from "Lock" to "On" 10 times. Do this within 15 seconds.

Step 3

Open and close the driver side door again. A warning chime will sound for 30 seconds. Immediately after the chime starts, press the "Lock" button on the driver side door a number of times equal to the first digit in the remote identification number. For example, if the first digit is "7," press the "Lock" button seven times.

Step 4

Push "Unlock" on the door switch within five seconds of entering the first digit using the "Lock" button.

Step 5

Push "Lock" on the door switch a number of times equal to the second digit of the remote identification number. Once you have finished, press "Unlock" on the door switch.

Step 6

Repeat the process for each digit. There are eight digits in all. When you have entered all of the digits using the "Lock" button, remove the key from the ignition to complete the procedure. The remote is now synchronized with the Forester and ready to use.

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