How to Troubleshoot Autopage

by Chris Waller

A vehicle is more than just a way to get around town; it is an investment you must protect. The Autopage company produces many different types of vehicle security products including a line of car alarms. If you have an Autopage car alarm, you might occasionally experience trouble operating it. If you can't get the alarm to work, or have lost or misplaced the remote control, you can follow some troubleshooting steps to get it working again.

Step 1

Check the battery level indicator if you are unable to control the system with your remote control. If the indicator is empty, or if the LCD screen does not light up with a button press, replace the battery. Pull on the top of the battery door on the back of the control, then slide the door up. Pull out the old battery, put a new one in and close the door.

Step 2

Check the doors, trunk or hood if you hear three chirps from the alarm system after arming the vehicle. This indicates that one of these areas is open. Check them all one at a time until you find the problem and make sure it is closed fully before trying to arm the system again.

Step 3

Get into the car and turn the ignition switch to the "On" position if you need to disarm the alarm but you have lost or misplaced your remote control. The alarm will sound when you do this. If you do not have a PIN setup, press the "Valet" button to disarm the alarm. If you have a PIN, press the "Valet" button the number of times that equals the first number of your code. Turn the ignition switch "Off" then "On" again and press the "Valet" button the number of times that equals your second digit.

Step 4

Check the wiring of your alarm system if you are unable to turn it off or on with the remote or the method described in Step 3. Ensure the power cable is connected properly to the unit and is not worn or damaged. Check the wiring diagram for your unit to ensure all wires are connected properly.

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