How to Program My Ford F-150 Keyless Entry

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

While most people have just two sets of keys and keyless entry remote controls for their cars -- the two that come with the car upon purchase -- many cars will allow you to program more than two key fob remotes to work with an individual vehicle. Most of these allow no more than four key fob remotes per car, but the 2010 Ford F-150 allows up to eight keyless entry remotes. Program a new keyless entry remote if you've lost your old one or if you simply want extras. Because entering the F-150's programming sequence erases the keyless entry system's memory, it's necessary to have all of your existing, programmed remotes handy to reprogram them as well.

Open the truck's door and sit inside. Shut the door and push the "Unlock" knob on the door panel one time.

Put the key in the F-150's ignition. Turn it between position 1 (off) and 3 (on without cranking) eight times rapidly. Do this within 10 seconds. When you stop, the key should be in position 3. The doors will lock, then unlock.

Press either the "Lock" or "Unlock" button on each keyless remote that you want to program. Remember to do this for previously working remotes as well.

Wait 20 seconds for the F-150's system to exit the remote programming sequence. Turn the key off and take it out.


  • close Do not press the brake pedal at any time during the programming sequence. According to the 2010 F-150's owner's manual, this will reset the programming sequence. You'll have to start over.


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