Problems Starting a 1996 Nissan Maxima Vehicle With an Antitheft System

by Alec Cunningham

Although auto antitheft systems are generally beneficial, they sometimes malfunction and interfere with starting your vehicle. If the car will not start and the security light is blinking, this may be a sign there is a problem.

Microchip Trouble

The microchip in your primary key may be giving you trouble. Sometimes microchips will wear out, so try a spare key that has not been used as often.

Reset the Pass Lock System

You can also reset the system by turning the ignition to the "On" position and waiting 15 minutes. If the security light stops blinking, turn the key to the "Accessories" position, quickly to the "Off" position and then pull the key out of the ignition. Then turn the car on as you regularly would.

Ask For Help

Installing a relay system is also a possible solution, but should generally not be tried unless you have consulted an expert to help diagnose the problem. Go to a dealer to ask for their opinion.

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