How Can I Tell if the Microchip in My Car Key is Good?

by Jen Davis
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The microchips that are included in most car keys are part of a theft prevention system. The keys will not work in the car unless the microchip can connect electronically with the car's system. If you car's microchip does not work properly, you will not be able to use it in your car. There are several reasons a microchipped key may not work, including situations where the microchip has been damaged or was not programmed properly.

Step 1

Insert the key in the car's ignition. Make sure it goes in smoothly. If the key is not cut right or has been damaged, it may not work in your car and may be causing problems with your vehicle's starting.

Step 2

Turn key to the on position and attempt to start car with key. If the key will not turn, your microchip may have a problem and not be reading properly. If an error light comes on or your security light, your key microchip may not be functioning properly.

Step 3

Start the car and drive it. If the car starts and drives properly, there is no problem with your key's microchip. If the car will not turn over, stay running or operate with the key, there may be a problem with your microchip, or with something else in your car's ignition system.

Step 4

Take your key to your vehicle's local manufacturer dealership if it will not work or has stopped working in your vehicle. There is no way to examine a car key and tell if the microchip is good, nor is there a proper way to remove your microchip without damaging it. Your local dealership's service and parts department will be able to test the key and microchip to determine if they are working properly without risking causing damage to the key.

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