How to Troubleshoot the Ford Securilock Remote Start System

by Will Charpentier

It never fails: you are late and your car refuses to start. Adding insult to injury, its refusal to start is not the result of some mechanical failure, but an electronic success: the Ford Securilock Remote Start system. Your car is refusing to start because it thinks it is being stolen. The Securilock system uses a computer-encoded ignition key with a small radio transmitter to make sure that only the correct key starts the car. If you're experiencing problems with this system, read on for some troubleshooting tips.

Step 1

Look at the key, particularly if you have several cars with encoded ignition keys, and be certain that it is the correct encoded ignition key. The Passive Anti-theft System (PATS) will start only with the correctly encoded key.

Step 2

Check the encoded ignition key is undamaged. A damaged key will not be recognized by the PATS components, and you will need to use a correctly programmed spare key.

Step 3

Remove any uncoded keys from the keyring with the encoded ignition key. Remove any electronic devices from your key chain. Your encoded ignition key utilizes a radio frequency identification device (RFID), and other electronics or metal objects in the immediate vicinity will interfere with these signals.

Step 4

Look at the ignition lock for damage or evidence of an attempted theft. An attempt to override the security system by force will disable the engine and will require service at a Ford dealer.

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