My Equinox Key Won't Turn

by Michael Scarn

An ignition key starts the electrical process of turning your Chevy Equinox's engine on. From time to time the key can be difficult, or even impossible, to turn when you attempt to start your car. Whether you are driving in a Chevy Equinox or any other car, there are a number of methods you can employ to attempt to loosen the ignition switch and allow you to start your vehicle.

Step 1

Release the steering wheel lock on your Equinox. If you have an automatic transmission, put the vehicle in park and put your car key in the ignition. Put your left hand on the steering wheel and your right hand on the ignition key and simultaneously turn the steering wheel left and right while you turn the ignition key to the right. This may allow you to turn the ignition key immediately.

Step 2

Clean your key. Debris or buildup of any kind can warp the fit of the ignition key to the Equinox's ignition. Use dish soap and water to scrub and remove any particles that may be prohibiting the key from operating properly.

Step 3

Remove any debris inside the ignition switch. Using a pressurized air spray, blow into the ignition switch for about 5 seconds. This will remove any objects or buildup that may be inside the switch, preventing the key and switch to meet properly and start the Equinox.

Step 4

Try to start the Equinox with a spare key. Sometimes the primary car key becomes bent or chipped and fails to function properly. If this is the case, and there are no other problems with your ignition system or steering column, the spare key will turn the vehicle on right away.

Step 5

Ensure that your car is in park. If you have an automatic transmission, be sure that your gear selector is placed fully in the park position. If the selector is not completely in park the key will not turn.

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