How to Lubricate an Ignition Key Lock

by Matthew Fortuna
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Key lock cylinders are used on almost any car around the world to access your car. These cylinders are on most car doors and allow you to insert your key. In most cases, this is a thoughtless process, but not always. If your key will not insert into your lock, or if it gets stuck in there, you may have to lubricate the lock cylinder to rectify the situation.

Step 1

Soak your key in water to clean the key off. A dirty key might be creating extra friction and will not insert into the lock properly.

Step 2

Spray the key with a lubricant like WD-40, and be sure the entire key is covered with a light coat.

Step 3

Spray the lock cylinder with the lubricant. Be sure to hold the lubricant six to eight inches away from the cylinder so that the WD-40 does not all get sprayed into one spot.

Step 4

Insert the key into the lock and turn it in both directions to spread the lubricant over the cylinder.

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