Problems With the DVD Player in the Kia Sedona

by Maria Woehr
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Common problems with the Kia Sedona DVD player may be easily fixable, such as dirt in the player. If the problems are recurring or more complicated, it may require an expert to fix them.


If the DVD player is giving you an Error message or is skipping, it may be because the DVD player needs to be cleaned. Because the DVD player is in your car, there is a high chance it may get dirt or even moisture in it. To clean the DVD player, there are cleaning discs and kits you can purchase at an electronics store or use a cotton swap dipped in alcohol to clean the laser. If it is a disc you have burned, it may not be compatible with the DVD player. Many DVD players do not play discs which have not been commercially produced.


A DVD player in a car is likely to be affected by bumps or vibrations. While some corrections for this are built-in, if you hit a a pothole or if a driver brakes suddenly, it can cause the DVD player to shut down, skip or read, "No Disc." If you hit a bump hard enough you may knock the alignment loose inside the DVD player, which will cause skipping. To fix this you may have to open up the DVD player or take it back to the manufacturer. If you try to fix the player yourself, when it is under warranty, you will void the warranty.


If you can see the DVD video, but not hear it or the DVD player does not seem to be turning on, there could be a problem with the wiring. The best way to fix the wiring is to bring it to an auto shop. Some DVD players can harm your battery if they are not installed properly, according to Kia.

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