Power Specs for the 1995 454 Engine

by A.J. Andrews

The 1995 454 V8 powered several vehicles in the Chevrolet line, as well as many GMC trucks. It was the smallest in terms of horsepower out of the Chevy big block engine series.


The 454 produced 425 horsepower, had a compression ratio of 9.6 to 1 (an engine's maximum volume compared to its minimum), a maximum rpm of 5,500 and an ignition timing of four degrees before top dead center.

Bore and Stroke

The engine had a bore of 4.25 inches, a stroke of 4 inches and 110cc aluminum round port cylinder heads. Stroke value represents the distance a piston must travel each direction when entering and exiting an engine's combustion chamber, and bore refers to the amount of space a piston has to enter a combustion chamber.


The 454 used a hydraulic roller camshaft, stamped steel rocker arms, forged steel connecting rods and a forged steel crankshaft. It sat on a cast iron block and used a long-style, cast iron-type cooling system.

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