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Car window paint is used to decorate car windows. You might write "Just Married" on the back of the car window, or you might decorate your side or back windows in your school colors, with your sports team name or numbers. You might also proclaim things like "State Bound" or "Good Job." It is important to know where to buy car window paint, so you get the right paint for the job.

Discount Stores

Car window paint can be found at several different discount stores in your area. Stores that carry a variety of car window paint usually have this paint in either the arts and crafts section or the auto care section. The stores include Walmart, Target, Kmart, Shopko, Walgreens, CVS and Pamida. These stores usually carry basic types of car window paint. They are usually the primary colors and are flat colors, although some of the paints might be glossy. You cannot usually find specialty types of car window paint, like metallic colors or colors other than primary colors, at these types of stores. Usually paints found at these types of stores come in the form of paint markers. They will cost between $2 and $4 per marker, depending on the area.

Department Stores

You can also find auto window paint at several department stores. These stores will carry the car window paint in their arts and crafts sections, if they have one. Some will carry the car window paint in the car supply section, depending on the store. If you are in doubt about where to find the paint, check with someone working at a register. These stores include Herbergers, JCPenney, Auto World and Radio Shack. At these stores, you will be able to find the same selection as discount stores, although some of them might have a bigger or better selection. Typically at these stores you will pay between $3 and $5 per marker or paint set.

Art Supply Stores

Art supply stores also carry car window paint. These stores include Hobby Lobby, HobbyTown USA and HobbyVille. Local art stores, which are not chain stores and might only exist in your area, may also carry car window paint. Car window paint from an art supply store will be the cheapest if it is a big name store, like Hobby Lobby, but could be the most expensive at a local, privately owned store. Hobby Lobby car paint markers could be as low as $1 each, but a privately owned store could charge up to $5 a marker. However, at art stores you'll be able to find all of the shades of the rainbow and each different type of paint marker, like metallic shades or sparkly shades.


Several Internet retailers stock car window paint, including Dollar Tree Online, Party Supply Online and eBay. When you shop for car window paints online, you can find every type of marker, every color and every price available. If you have time to wait for delivery, this might be your best bet.

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