How to Sell a Car for Junk With no Papers

by Jack Copus

Learn how to sell a car for junk without a title or papers. There is a process of calling different city offices and junkyards to see who will allow this. Additionally, there are different ways to claim abandoned cars and sell them for cash.

How to Sell a Car for Junk With no Papers

Step 1

When selling a car for junk, one needs to identify why the car is in his possession but has no title. Perhaps the car was abandoned on his property, or someone gave it to him to scrap and didn't provide papers. At this point, many people think that they cannot sell cars for junk because they don't have proof of ownership. This is not true. Once a person has determined why she does not have papers for the car, she can begin searching for a place to sell it.

Step 2

Begin by calling local junkyards and scrap metal companies. Few will accept cars without titles. A person who calls enough places or lives in a large enough area might be able to find one or two junkyards that will purchase the vehicle from him. If he cannot find a buyer, he needs to try something else.

Step 3

If one cannot find a junkyard to buy his car, he has a few different options. The first option will take a day or two but will be more lucrative than other options. Gain access to a shop with heavy machinery tools and disassemble the car. Once all the nonmetal items have been removed, cut up the body of the car into small pieces that will not be recognized as a car when taken to the junk yard for scrap metal. Once the cutting is done, he can take the parts to a junkyard and sell them as scrap metal. If he owns the car either by purchase or eminent domain, this is not illegal. If the car is abandoned, it is recommended that he first take pictures of the car and date how long it was left on his property before commencing with cutting the car up.

Step 4

If someone decides that this is either too much work, or sounds risky, she can find other ways to be rid of the junk car. She can begin by calling city officials, because most cities will haul away abandoned cars for free. She can also consult with local towing companies who might tow an abandoned car without a title for no charge.

Step 5

One final option is to search the Internet for "sell a junk car." A few companies will come up that buy cars across the country, both with and without titles. She can see if she can work out an arrangement to sell the car to one of these companies.

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