How to Sell a Car With No Engine

by Jen Davis
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Selling a car that doesn't run, including a vehicle with a bad engine or no engine at all, may seem challenging. Fortunately, selling a car without an engine is probably no harder than selling a car with an engine, as long as you are realistic about the sale value of your non-running vehicle. A vehicle without an engine has significantly less value than a vehicle with an engine; however, these vehicles do hold some value in certain areas of the used car market.

Step 1

Consult an expert to help you determine what your vehicle is worth. You can get a good idea, for instance, by inquiring with several mechanics and auto body shop personnel. The value of a motorless vehicle is drastically different than the value of a running vehicle, but it is nonetheless subject to some of the same criteria. The residual value of the car, its physical condition and its age will all play roles in what the engine-less car is worth. For example, if you have a relatively new car in excellent physical condition but without a motor, a body shop may want to purchase it to use the body panels to repair a wrecked car of the same make and model. Values will also be different if the vehicle is considered a classic or was very, very expensive new. An example would be a Ferrari.

Step 2

Put your vehicle up for sale. Make it clear in your advertisement postings that the vehicle does not have an engine and will not run. You may want to say that it is a candidate for restoration or that would make a good parts car, depending on the circumstances. Parts cars are vehicles purchased by owners of identical vehicles for use as spare parts.

Step 3

Sell the vehicle to a junkyard or as scrap metal. If you have determined that your car is worth very little money, or if it has not sold after several months on the market, you may just want to sell you car for its scrap value to a junkyard. Junkyards will typically pay between $50 and $250 dollars for non-running vehicles.

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