How to Pair an iPhone to a BMW

by Chester Rockwell

Bluetooth technology allows you to pair multiple electronic devices to work together. BMW offers Bluetooth technology in its cars so drivers can pair their cell phones to the car's stereo system and built-in speaker to make hands-free phone calls. The Apple iPhone features Bluetooth technology, as well, allowing it to be paired to a multitude of devices, including your BMW.

Step 1

Turn on your BMW so the key is at least in the "Accessories" position and the car's electronics and stereo are powered on.

Step 2

Tap "Settings" on your iPhone, then "General" and "Bluetooth" to enter the Bluetooth menu. Ensure that the menu switch is turned to "On" before proceeding.

Step 3

Press down on your BMW's iDrive knob to enter the menu, then scroll to "Settings" and select "Bluetooth" to proceed.

Step 4

Scroll to "Phone" and then "Pair new phone" and press down on the iDrive knob to select the menu item.

Step 5

Note the Bluetooth passkey that is generated on your BMW's iDrive screen.

Step 6

Tap the "BMW" item that appears in the Bluetooth menu of your iPhone after Bluetooth has been turned on. Enter the passkey into your phone when prompted to pair your iPhone to your BMW using the Bluetooth connection.

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