How to Program a Smart Key for a Volvo

by Matthew Fortuna
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Smart keys are a popular automotive technology that can be electronically programmed to your car's ignition. You can sync these keys in seconds from the driver's seat and have them ready to use right away. Once programmed, only a programmed key can turn your car on. These keys are also known as chip keys or transponder keys, and you can sync as many as four to your Volvo's ignition.

Step 1

Insert your smart key into the car's ignition and turn it to the "On" position.

Step 2

Navigate through the dashboard driver's center menu to: "Language," "Vehicle Model," "Electrical," "Immobiliser" and "Program Immobiliser."

Step 3

Select "Enter" and then "Add Key" and enter the four-digit pass code created by the dealership or store that installed the system.

Step 4

Select "Enter," and the key will be successfully programmed. Select "Exit" once you are done.

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