How to Open the Fuel Filler Door on the Ml320

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

If you've recently purchased your ML-320, you're probably wondering where the fuel filler door release is. The Mercedes-Benz ML-320 has an electronic locking fuel filler door. This is unlike most vehicles, which have a simple lever located on the driver's side floorboard, or in the console. Your fuel filler door is controlled by your keyless entry. Fortunately, if the electronics are malfunctioning, there is an emergency method that allows you to open your fuel filler door.

Step 1

Shut the engine off and remove the key from the ignition cylinder. Step out of your ML-320 and close the door.

Step 2

Press the "Unlock" button on your keyless entry remote. Grasp the edge of the fuel filler door and pull it toward the front of the ML-320.

The fuel filler door locking mechanism is controlled by the keyless entry remote. If using the remote does not unlock the fuel filler door, the system may be malfunctioning. Proceed to the emergency release procedure.

Step 3

Open the rear cargo hatch. Locate the plastic cargo door on the driver's side of the cargo compartment. Turn the two knobs counterclockwise to remove the door and access the fuel filler door lock rod.

Step 4

Turn the lock rod counterclockwise to line up the arrows. This will manually unlock the fuel filler door. Pull it open with your hand.

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