How to Reset the Fuel Shutoff Switch on a 2007 Honda Civic

by Ashton Daigle

The fuel shutoff switch on your 2007 Honda Civic is a safety feature that shuts off fuel flow from your fuel pump if you ever get in an accident. However, sometimes the fuel shutoff switch can be triggered if you come to a hard or abrupt stop, or even if you hit a bad pothole. The fuel shutoff reset button is mounted below your glove box on your Civic.

Step 1

Place your Honda Civic in Park and visually inspect the fuel line underneath the rear of your car, to make sure there isn't a fuel leak.

Step 2

Open your passenger door and bend down beneath the glove box to locate the fuel shutoff reset button. Use your flashlight if necessary to spot it. The reset button will be clearly marked.

Step 3

Flip your Accord's fuel shutoff reset button to its original position.

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