How to Make Whitewall Tires

by Paul Ramone

Sometimes nothing makes a classic car stand out quite like the look of whitewall tires. These are standard tires that have a painted or rubber white rim surrounding the hub cap. If you want to make your own whitewall tires, you can do so rather easily with a basic white tire paint and the proper application process. Once finished, you can cruise around town with tires mimicking the real thing.

Lay down a cloth onto a flat workspace.

Remove the tire from the vehicle and place it on top of the cloth so that the outside rim is facing upwards.

Spray the tire with a garden hose to remove debris.

Clear grease from the exterior of the tire by applying a degreaser to it.

Rinse the degreaser off of the tire with the garden hose. Allow the tire to dry completely before continuing to the next step. You can dry the tire with a lint-free cloth to speed up the process.

Apply the white tire paint onto the tire with a paintbrush. Work from the inside rim of the tire outwards. Paint only up to the grips of the tire so that you have painted an even white ring.

Apply a second coat of white paint to the tire after 24 hours. Return the tire to the vehicle once the second coat of paint has completely dried.

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