How to Remove Light Tire Curb Scuffs

by Kimberly Ripley
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Light tire curb scuffs can mar the appearance of your tires. Car enthusiasts frown upon this, and add removing such scuffs from their tires a regular part of their vehicle's maintenance and detailing. Removing these scuffs is imperative when selling your car, too, making it look as clean and damage-free as possible.

Step 1

Ascertain that the scuffing hasn't caused any serious damage to your tire. Do this by running your fingers along the scuff and making sure that the damage is on the surface only.

Step 2

Brush away any dirt or debris using a dry rag. Wash the tire using car soap and water with a non-abrasive sponge. Allow the tire to dry.

Step 3

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Spray on a coating of the ArmorAll Tire Foam; starting where the scuff is located, and branching out to the remainder of the tire from there.

Step 4

Allow the Tire Foam to dry, which takes about 25 minutes. It will still look wet, but will feel dry to the touch.

Step 5

Stand back from the tire and scan it all over for spots you may have missed. Apply as needed in these spots. This product will mask the heavier scuffs and remove the lighter scuffs, making your whole tire look shiny and new.

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