How to Get the Colored Dot off of New Tire Sidewalls

by Angela Baird

The red and yellow dots on the sidewalls of your new tires aid the installer in balancing the tire properly. The red dot lines up with the valve stem and marks the heaviest spot on the tire. The yellow dot indicates the lightest spot. However, once the tire is installed, there is no need to leave the dots in place. If you don't want to wait for them to wear off, they are easily removed.

Hose off the tire if it is dirty. Remove any excess dirt or mud.

Apply a tire cleaner to the spot. Some cleaners are advertised as no wipe; others need some time to stand on the sidewall. Read the cleaner instructions, and follow them carefully.

Wipe with a rag if required. Use a stiff bristle scrub brush if any paint remains, and scrub with a little additional cleaner.

Rinse if required.

Apply a protectant when the tire is dry, to prolong the beauty of the tire.


  • In lieu of a tire cleaner, a little brake fluid on a rag also removes the paint dots.


  • Choose tire cleaners carefully, as some can denigrate the rubber over time.

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