How to Make a Truck Exhaust Louder

by Justin Obrien

Making your truck sound like a performance vehicle can cost you a lot of money. To have a custom catalytic converter installed with dual glass pack exhaust can cost you thousands of dollars. With a few supplies and tools you can make your truck exhaust louder right in your own garage.

Purchase a muffler tip with a connector that has the same diameter of the current muffler's tailpipe on the truck. You can purchase a muffler tip from your local auto store. The bigger the exit hole diameter on this muffler tip, the louder your truck. You can look at a muffler tip as if you were yelling into a parking cone; your voice projects louder just as the exhaust sound will.

Place the muffler tip over your current muffler tailpipe. Screw the set screws on the muffler tip tightly down so the tip stays in place.

Drill 1/2-inch holes throughout the base of your muffler. Drill 10 to 15 evenly spaced holes. This will enhance the exhaust noise even more.

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