How to Make Your Own Car Frame

by Peter Grant

Creating an automotive frame as the basis for your car's chassis is a key component to building the car as it serves as the skeleton of the machine. To make your own frame, you will need welding skills and access to tubular steel or aluminum. You'll also need a way to cut the tubular metal into measured pieces that will be assembled and welded together to construct the frame.

Step 1

Draft or obtain the designs for your automotive frame before beginning. These designs will dictate the size of the frame pieces and will outline the overall construction of the frame before you begin cutting metal and welding it together.

Step 2

Measure the tubular steel pieces and cut them into pieces, which you will be welding together.

Step 3

Weld the center portion of the frame first by placing the center pieces on the ground and welding them at the corners until they are connected.

Step 4

Attach the rest of the frame pieces by working from the rear of the frame to the front, welding the tubes at each corner to create a connection between each piece of metal.

Step 5

Allow the initial welds on the frame to sit for several hours.

Step 6

Reinforce the initial welded connections by running the welder over each corner again to strengthen the connection.

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