How Are Electric Cars Made?

by Ted Marten


Electric cars use a battery to give it the power it needs to run. The battery is attached to an on and off switch that is connected to an electric motor, and the electric motor in the car controls the wheels. Electric cars are able to control the amount of electricity that travels to the motor and the gearbox, in order to drive the wheels. Most electric cars include a solar collector, and the solar collector converts all the solar energy into electricity. The solar power is used to recharge the battery.


Every electric car that is made starts with a design by the manufacturer. Because an electric car has a limited storage capacity, it is essential that the manufacturers design the car using as many light-weight materials as possible. It is important that they incorporate safety measures because light-weight materials will not offer the same protection as heavier, gasoline-fueled cars. When designers create the blueprint for making an electric car, it is essential for them to include the types of materials they want to use, and the parts they want to include in the electric car. Some of the materials and parts they will need to include in the design are steel tubing, wheels, sprocket gears, pulleys, frame, battery and electric motor. The electric motor can be either an AC motor or a DC motor.


Once the design has been completed, the metal frame parts are cut out and welded together. After the frame has been welded together, the electric drive components and steering mechanism are added. These parts include battery, steering wheel, electric motors, wheels and any other parts that are incorporated into the electric car. After these parts are installed, they are tested to make sure that they are in working order. After the body and frame have been put together, any features that were part of the design are installed. If all the parts are in working order, the electric car is test driven on private property. Minor modifications are made, and then the vehicle is ready to be shipped to its owner or dealer.

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