Bombardier Electric Car Specs

by Mary Carpenter
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In July of 1996, Bombardier revealed a two-seat Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) prototype that was later put to use in organizations such as private security. Bombardier -- designs and manufactures vehicles that vary from airplanes and trains to snowmobiles -- developed the NEV with the intentions of it meeting the needs of those living in retirement and other planned communities where automobile traffic is restricted. This vehicle is no longer in production, and the Bombardier website offers no information about it.

The Motor

The motor is a fully electric 72-volt DC shunt type that produces 4 kilo Watts, approximately 5.3 horsepower, and drives the rear wheels of this Neighborhood Electric Vehicle. Three gears are offered in reverse, drive and golf modes. In drive mode the speed is governed at about 26 miles per hour, but in golf mode, the maximum speed is reduced to about 15.5 miles per hour, which extends the battery life by quite a bit simply by not allowing the vehicle to use as much battery power.

The Battery

The outline of the battery setup is six conventional lead-acid storage batteries that supply energy directly to the motor, while a seventh battery is dedicated to powering the various electrical accessories, such as interior and exterior lights. When the vehicle is charged overnight the charge is generally more than enough for this NEV to make several short trips throughout the day.

The Design

The Bombardier Neighborhood Electric Vehicle is 100 inches long, 55 inches wide and stands 61 inches tall. The wheelbase is 65 inches and the vehicle weighs 1,275 lbs. It has rack and pinion steering and the chassis is a strong four-wheel independent suspension. The brake system is composed of four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes, and has a regenerative rear-wheel braking system that also helps to recharge the batteries. An on board battery charger was included in the design that can fully charge all seven batteries in about eight hours when connected to a normal 110- or 120-volt electrical outlet. The windshield is laminated glass with a washer and wiper system; the doors are vinyl with zippered windows and three-point shoulder belts are standard. Both side mirrors were included in the final design and the head lights have high and low beam settings, blinkers and parking lights. The trunk and glove box both lock. The bucket seats are adjustable and it has a horn, mile per hour and tachometer meters on the dash. There is a Golf Option Package that is available by choice, which includes "turf tires", meets most national golf cart standards and offers power train settings for fairways and roadways.

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