Columbia Parcar Engine Specs

by DarienC

Columbia ParCar Corp is a manufacturer of gas and electric golf cars and other small personal and utility vehicles. Columbia ParCar was founded in 1946 and has since taken over several other small vehicle manufactures, such as Westinghouse Electric Corporation's small vehicle division and the American Machine Foundry Company, which had earlier taken over Harley-Davidson's small vehicle line. Columbia ParCar produces and distributes a wide range of personal and utility vehicles, including a line of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles introduced in 2000 to meet the growing demand for alternative-energy vehicles.

The Gasoline Ealge-P4G Engine

Both the LE and SE editions of the Eagle P4G use a Briggs & Stratton four-cycle, single-cylinder, 391cc air-cooled engine with a cast-iron sleeve, an overhead valve and a counterbalanced crankshaft. It's a 13hp engine that relies on a dash-mounted keyswitch and a forward and reverse selector for directional controls. The P4G has a continuously variable automatic torque-sensing drive unit with overdrive and a 13.25:1 helical gear reduction with integral differential.

The Summit NEV Series Motor

The Summit NEV series are electric-powered mini cars. While there are several editions in the NEV Series, they all run on a 17.3hp NEMA Class H 48-vole battery. The motor relies on eight 6-volt, 225amp/hr, 115-min deep-cycle batteries. There is a built-in, micro-processor controlled, fully-sealed 110-240vac/50-60hz charger. A console-mounted keyswitch dictates directional control. A 400amp, solid-state, programmable pedal-proportional system controls speed. The Summit NEV Series has an automotive-style director-to-motor drive unit with helical gears in an oil bath and a final drive ration of 10.35:1.

Industrial and Commercial Motors

In addition to personal vehicles, Columbia ParCar Corp produces several lines of industrial and commercial vehicles. These vehicles have a wide range of uses and motor types. For instance, the Payloader Series comes with either a 36-volt or 48-volt electric motor. These vehicles have a towing capacity of 2,200 to 5,200 pounds and a maximum speed of 10 to 17mph, depending on the model. The Chariot, a much smaller vehicle, uses a 12-volt electric battery. It has a towing capacity of only 400 pounds and a maximum speed of 9mph.

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