What Is the Recommended Engine Oil for the MerCruiser?

by Andrew Cohen

MerCruisers are inboard engines produced by marine engine company Mercury Marine. MerCruiser produces a number of different sized inboard motor that vary in performance and purpose. The recommended oil for all Mercruisers, from the 3-liter to the 8.2-liter high output, is SAE 20W-40 MerCruiser full synthetic engine oil.


MerCruiser inboard engines are built to be a part of a sterndrive system. Sterndrive systems combine both aspects of inboard and outboard motors. A boat that is powered by sterndrive will have an inboard motor that is directly connected with an outboard propeller.


MerCruisers were first introduced to the public in 1961 at the Chicago Boat Show. These engine were revolutionary because they were the first inboard engines to offer more than 100 horsepower.


It is important to remember that while all MerCruiser have the same recommended oil, they do not all have the same recommended fuel. Some MerCruiser engines require regular unleaded gasoline, while others require premium unleaded. Mercruiser owners should be aware of the recommended fuel for their engine.

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