How to Make a New Car Key Without a Spare

by Laura Leiva
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When you need car keys without a spare, the two ideal places to get keys are at a locksmith or dealership. You may need to take a taxi or have someone drive you to a location, but in cities and through roadside assistance, if you have it, some locksmiths are mobile. Once you have a new set of keys, making many copies will ensure you have plenty in a next event.


Step 1

Contact your dealership to get a set of keys. You will need to have the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) before you call. You can find this on the inside driver's door or near the window and dashboard on the driver's side.

Step 2

Provide the dealership with your VIN code so they can use the information to construct a new key. The key must be cut precisely according to make and model to ensure it works when used in the ignition.

Pay the fee and pick up your key at the dealership.


Step 1

Provide the locksmith with your VIN. They will either be able to make the key directly off the VIN number, or they will need to contact the dealership for a code number. The code is provided to the locksmith once the dealership has verified you have the proof of registration and ownership.

Step 2

Pay the locksmith the fee for the new keys. While at the locksmith, it may be a good idea to pay for extra copies for future reference. In addition before choosing who to get your new keys from, compare costs between a locksmith and dealership to save yourself any expense possible.

Pick up the keys.

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