How to Replace a Lexus Master Key

by Matthew Fortuna
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Your Lexus master key features a number of specialized capabilities that make it a popular feature with the vehicle. Among its many uses is the ability to sync to your engine to start the car. This key, once programmed, is the only way to start your car, while it offers extra convenience and security. You can replace lost keys by getting new ones and resyncing them to your system in just seconds.

Step 1

Contact the dealership or automotive store where you had the master key technology installed. For most newer Lexus models, this will be at the dealership.

Step 2

Bring your proof of ownership for the vehicle and purchase a new key or set of keys for the vehicle. You can then return to the car to program the keys to your specific settings.

Step 3

Close the doors of your Lexus from the outside. Lock and unlock the driver's side door with your new master key.

Step 4

Enter the car and stick the key into the ignition.

Step 5

Let the key idle in the ignition until the security light turns on. Then leave the key in place for another 15 seconds.

Step 6

Press the brake pedal five times after 15 seconds, then open the door and remove the key to end the programming.

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