How to Make Your Car Stereo Sound the Best

by Alexis Lawrence

Factory-installed car stereos don't always have the best sound quality, and it seems the cheaper the car is, the worse the included stereo system sounds. You can improve the sound of even a factory car stereo by using the stereo's sound level controls. You can further enhance the sound quality of your car stereo by making a few upgrades to your sound system and by shielding the inside of your car from exterior noise.

Put in quality speakers. Unless you splurged on the sports package, the factory speakers in your car are more than likely not top-of-the-line. Investing in some quality speakers will really improve the sound of your car stereo system. You can buy speakers at electronics stores, where they usually have a wall of speakers and you can hear each one before you buy. If you like bass, a good subwoofer is a must as well.

Prevent vibrations in your car. When sound comes from your car speakers, it vibrates parts of the car, which makes noise. You can eliminate some of this noise by applying products such as floor and roof liners and other noise reduction materials, like Dynamat. These products give the speaker more stability and less shake. Some products actually insulate around doors and windows.

Install amplifiers to your sound system. An amplifier provides your stereo system with more power by amplifying the electric signals to the system. When you start to install new speakers and other accessories, you'll need the extra power. You can get amplifiers at car stores or electronics stores for as low as $100.

Set the car stereo's settings according to your own tastes. Many car stereos today are made with pre-sets for different musical styles. If you don't want to fine tune your sound yourself, using the setting for the music that you listen to the most often will give you an instant sound improvement. Or you can move the treble and bass up and down until you reach mix that sounds the best to you.

Don't try to get more sound out of your system by maximizing the bass and treble. It will distort the sound. You will get better sound by keeping the bass and treble at a mid-level and increasing the volume instead.

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