Ford Shaker 1000 Stereo Specifications

by Kevin Kinder
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Beginning in 2005, Ford Motor Company installed a powerful stereo system into Ford Mustangs with the idea the new system would rival the car's legendary performance. The Shaker 1000 and its smaller-sized companion, the Shaker 500, were designed exclusively for Mustang models as premium options.

Head Unit

The head unit of the Ford Shaker system is a six-disc, in-dash CD changer. It will also play CDs that have been loaded with MP3 files, meaning the stereo is capable of containing about 40 hours of continuous music. The head unit was made by Delphi.

Speaker Types

Mustangs equipped with Ford's Shaker 1000 system had two door-mounted subwoofers and two tweeters. It also featured a trunk-mounted subwoofer system and a larger amplifier to accommodate the subwoofers.


The peak performance of the Shaker 1000 system is 1,000 W, which is where the system gets its name. The system is also adaptive, meaning it automatically increases the radio volume during periods of high engine noise (such as acceleration).

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