How to Locate a TREMEC Part Number

by Cheryl Hosmer
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TREMEC transmission model part numbers are located on the metal tag near the rear extension housing, which is bolt-secured to the main case. According to TREMEC's October 2005 Service Bulletin TRTB05007, you can identify the transmission tag information by chart A and chart B referenced within that bulletin. Chart A refers the date code information. Chart B contains the TREMEC production number prefix to each of the 18 individual transmission models.

Step 1

Locate the transmission. Find the rear extension housing, which is connected to the main case.

Step 2

Check for a metal tag attached to one of the bolts. The metal tag will have several numbers written on it, including the TREMEC part number, the revision level, manufacturing date and shift, as well as the customer part number and the serial number.

Step 3

Locate the TREMEC part number by identifying the alphanumeric number, which begins with a "T" for most transmission models. Four other models begin with numerals: the T5's assembly number prefix is 1352; the T45's is 1381; the T56's is 1386; and the TR-3550 TKO's (original design) numeric syntax is 2600###.

Step 4

Write all the numbers down on a sheet of paper and take it to your parts dealer or auto store clerk.

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