How to Identify a Borg Warner Transmission

by Lesa Storms
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Borg Warner started manufacturing the T5 transmission in 1982. Since its inception, the transmission has been placed into various vehicles, including Ford and General Motors models. The five-speed transmissions fall into two categories: world class and non-world class. The T5 is credited as the only American-made manual transmission to be in production for more than 20 years. The Borg Warner T-10 also is a popular transmission, and both have identifying marks.

Finding the Identifiers

Step 1

Locate the identification tag number. A quick way to confirm that your transmission is a Borg Warner and what vehicle it was designed for, is to locate the identification number stamped into the “metal tag bolted onto the tail housing,” according to Once you have the identification number you can access one of the two Web listed in the Resources section of this article to find out more information about the transmission. This listing can tell you what transmission you have and what vehicle it was originally designed for.

Step 2

Look at the forward shaft bearing/support. Borg Warner transmissions usually a sticker saying Timken with a part number or a yellow and black sticker that says “use Dexron II only,” according to British V8 Newsletter. These stickers are most commonly found on Borg Warner transmissions.

Step 3

Count the number of bolts on the transmission cover. On the Borg Warner T10 transmission there are nine bolts attaching the side cover. This is only found on the T10.

Step 4

Look numbers on transmission housing. You may not need the entire number stamped on the metal tag to determine whether or not you have a Borg Warner transmission. Knowing what numbers mean Borg Warner might save you a trip to the computer. For example, on a Borg Warner T10, the identifiers T-10 and/or 13-04 should be imprinted on the transmission housing. On a T5, the identifier should begin with 13-52. The casing number on a Borg Warner T19 is 1309and the T18 casing number is 1301. Both the T18 and T19 are “top loaded heavy-duty 4-speed transmissions with [a] cast iron case and shift cover,” according to

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