How to Tell the Difference Between a 4 Speed Muncie & a Saginaw Transmission

by Joe Friedman

Muncie and Saginaw were two production facilities for General Motors vehicles for many years. In the 1960s and 1970s, both factories produced four-speed transmissions for some otherwise identical cars. Car enthusiasts care a great deal about the specifics of their particular classic vehicle, so knowing whether their particular Chevy Camaro has a Muncie or Saginaw transmission is very important to them. Other than slightly different gear ratios, there are a handful of ways to tell Muncie and Saginaw transmissions apart merely by visual inspection.

Step 1

Locate the reverse lever on the transmission. On the Muncie, it's mounted in the extension housing. On a Saginaw, it's mounted in the side cover.

Step 2

Look at the construction of the transmission. The Muncie is aluminum-case, but the Saginaw transmission is cast-iron-case.

Step 3

Look at the identification number stamped on the transmission. The last five numbers are sequential serial numbers, and each plant only produced a specific block of them. Muncie produced serial numbers 35000 through 44999. Saginaw's serial numbers all end between 25000 and 34999.

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